About Us

"C" stands for "Chun," = Heaven or Spirit.

"G" stands for "Gi," = Earth or Body.

"I" stands for "In," = Human or Mind.


CGI represents an approach to health and healing through the integration of the Body, Mind and Spirit. What if exercise were not just exercise but a way to change your life?

At CGI we specialize in Eastern holistic health and teach simple, practical, and effective disciplines to attain complete wellness. Our methods develop mastership of the body and mind through the medium of energy which is the means of communication between the body and mind. Many people believe that the twenty-first century will be the era of Ki, (Chi) the life-force of the universe. The word Ki has become familiar to many people. When it comes to sensing and using Ki directly, however, many people still believe it is difficult, mysterious and something that only special people can experience. We all possess the ability to sense energy. During our training methods practitioners learn to communicate with their bodies through energy. As the body's energy circulation is stimulated, its innate healing power is activated. Through consistent practice, students can lead themselves back to optimum health.

In addition we offer state-of-the-art pool, gym, spa's and sauna's, energy healing, personal training, massage and group exercise classes and much more. We combine the best of what both western and eastern approaches to health and fitness have to offer all in one location at affordable prices for you and your family.

We hope you will join us in our mission to achieve a world where all people enjoy healthy bodies, happy hearts and peaceful minds.

In Health, Happiness and Peace,
CGI Management and Staff