Tao Wellness Center

Our Tao Wellness Center classes offer mind-body training methods combining deep stretching/strengthening exercises, meditative breathing techniques and energy awareness practices.

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What is Energy? ( Ki or Chi)
Ki or Chi is a fundamental concept embraced by Asian philosophy, arts, and medicine and mind-body traditions. Ki is the word for the vital energy that runs through all living matter. Our overdependence on rational thought and language has obscured our innate and natural ability to sense the flow of energy. Most people begin their understanding of Ki by experiencing it as bio-energy or the basic life-force of the body.

How does Energy flow through our bodies?
The energy system of our bodies can be likened to the electricity that flows through our homes. We cannot see electricity but we know it exists as light and vibration when we see and hear a light bulb. Energy flows through our bodies using meridians/energy channels and energy centers or chakrasí. Each of the twelve major meridians is associated with one of our principle internal organs. If the meridians or chakra's are blocked for long periods of time they can cause physical disease, emotional imbalances and other ailments.

What are the Key Energy Centers and how do they improve our health?
Our methods focus on three key energy centers, or Dahn-Jonís. Directly translated Dahn-Jon means "field of energy." The first Dahn-Jon is located in the lower abdomen; the second in the middle of the chest and the third in the center of the forehead. These energy centers are also known as the second, fourth and sixth chakra's.

The lower Dahn-Jon is key for optimizing physical health acting as a fuel tank in which energy is stored for circulation throughout the body. When your lower Dahn-Jon becomes strengthened, the overall energy balance of your body will be restored, amplifying your natural healing power. The middle Dahn-Jon is associated with the control of energy or emotions. Opening and strengthening the middle Dahn-Jon will impart a peaceful and loving feeling towards yourself and others. The upper Dahn-Jon is equated with the spiritual aspect of your existence. When the upper Dahn-Jon is opened we develop superior insight and judgment.

What is our definition of complete health and where am I on the scale?
The World Health Organization defines health as a "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease..." To achieve a true state of health, the body, mind and spirit must all work together harmoniously. If a muscular and athletic body is used to perpetrate violence, or a brilliant mind is used to hurt others through deception, this reflects an unhealthy state.

The Health Assessment examines the current state of the three main components of genuine well-being: Physical Health, Emotional Happiness, and a Peaceful Mind.

If you would like to participate in our Holistic Health Assessment please download a complimentary copy by CLICKING HERE.