Tao Wellness Center

Energy Yoga & Ki Gong

We offer a variety of classes at convenient times suitable for everyone’s schedule. All our classes are designed for any level of physical condition and require no previous knowledge or experience of any mind/body practices or principles. Our classes combine a variety of innovative and interesting practices but primarily consist of four main components:

Meridian Stretching
These are warm-up exercises to prepare the body for collecting energy. These movements relax the upper body and let the center of the energy come down to the lower body or Dahn-Jon. We focus on limbering up the pelvis, which is like a bowl that collects energy, and the hip joints, which are like energy faucets for the legs and feet. Meridian stretching can be used as a cool down and finishing exercise.

Jung Choong Breathing
A set of breathing postures designed to restore the natural state of free flowing energy to the body. Jung Choong breathing helps to build energy in the lower Dahn-Jon and unblocks the body's two main meridians: the Governing Meridian or back of the torso and the Conception Meridian or front side of the torso. Consistent practice of these postures will improve energy accumulation and circulation and stimulate the body's natural healing ability.

Ki Gong
Through the practice of Ki Gong we can master the method of moving and spreading energy accumulated in the lower Dahn-Jon through the whole body. Internal muscles are trained by movements that are natural and slow, flowing like water, and by movements that are occasionally powerful, like thunder and lightning.

Relaxation and Meditation
In this portion we focus on feeling of energy in our bodies to create a relaxed and meditative state. This usually begins by focusing energy between the palms. While increased sensitivity to energy is a definite benefit of this practice, it is not the end goal. Rather, the goal is to help calm an individual’s thoughts and emotions, which are the root cause of the stress held in the body. In this stage, practitioners can learn to re-create their lives through vision meditation, which infuses the mind with positive thoughts, feelings and imagery.

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