Spiritual Guidance

"Being absolutely free is the same as Being."

We all seek to be happy. In our culture we are encouraged to believe that happiness comes from outside ourselves through success, fame, relationships or the acquisition of more and more stuff. These kinds of pleasures are insatiable, fleeting and temporary. True happiness is found by connecting to the unchanging part of ourselves – the self that lies beyond our thoughts, emotions and preconceptions. Most of us over-identify with our inherited patterns of thinking and feeling. "I am not good enough," "No one loves me; I canít do it" are deeply ingrained beliefs about ourselves that mask a sense of belonging and connectedness that we all deserve and in fact is our birthright. At CGI we offer private sessions, workshops, events and classes that will support you in connecting to your divine self, the uninjured self in the face of injury; the whole self in the face of breakdowns. Just beyond your confusion is the shore. We are the shore for those that are interested in finding solace from within.