Tao Wellness Center Healing Services

Overview and Key Principles

At CGI health is defined as the condition in which your physical, emotional/mental and spiritual bodies are integrated and harmonious. True healing is not about treating symptoms or curing illness merely on a physical level, but about helping people regain mastership over their body and mind through their own will and power.

To begin our healing journey we need three ingredients: an experienced guide, healing tools, and a supportive community and environment.

Our Tao Wellness Center offers experienced and trained healing professionals with over 30 years of combined teaching and healing experience. They are experts in individualized care and consultation. The healing center offers a comfortable, warm, relaxing environment with special healing mats, props, walking path and other tools designed to restore and refresh your body and mind.

Healing Principles
  1. Water Up/Fire Down ( Su-Sueng-Hwa-Gang)
    This is the core principle for human health. When the human body is in balance the cool water energy travels upward toward the head along the back side of the body, while the hot fire energy flows down the front side of the body to the lower abdomen. If the energy flow is reversed or blocked then the abdomen may be clammy and the neck and shoulders stiff. The greatest cause of the reversal of the natural flow of energy in our bodies is stress.

  2. Three Key Energy Centers ( Jung Choong-Ki Jang-Shin Myung)
    There are three key energy centers or Dahn-Jon's in our bodies. When your lower energy center or Dahn-Jon fills with energy, your physical body gets healthy. When your heart chakra or middle Dahn-Jon fills with energy your mind opens and you feel a great love for yourself and the world. When your upper Dahn-Jon or sixth chakra fills with Shin energy, your divinity gets bright and you realize the purpose of your life.

  3. Where the Mind Goes, Energy Follows ( Shim-Ki-Hyul-Jung)
    Energy follows the mind. Where we focus our mind, energy will gather. When the energy gathers, blood circulation improves, nourishing our cells with fresh energy and blood. This means that your energy level is decided according to your mindset. When you align consciousness, energy and body with one single wish and have developed the strength and maturity to concentrate, you will recognize the amazing power of your mind. You will witness a wish, a thought in your consciousness come into being in the world of form. You will have become a creator of your life versus a victim of chance or circumstance.

Tao Wellness Center Healing Services

Description of Sessions

Level One Healing-Physical Healing
The first step in healing is to become aware of, accept, and in time release the physical blockages in our bodies. Level one healing uses acupressure massage, stretching and other energy based techniques to release stored tension in the meridian and Dahn-Jon or Chakra systems. Clients are provided personalized home based exercises, nutritional counseling and other health tips to assist in the achievement of their health goals.

Level Two Healing- Energetic Healing
The energy or life-force in our bodies can be likened to the qualities of water. Water is best when it is flowing free, uninhibited, pure and warm. When the meridians and Dahn-Jonís of our bodies become blocked with negative emotions and thoughts, the Ki or Chi becomes stagnant and cold. Level two healing uses a variety of energy healing techniques to align the physical structure and open up deeply blocked energy patterns awakening a reconnection to our body's natural ability to heal.

Level Three Healing- Spiritual Healing
Ancient eastern healing principles taught that the energy in our bodies is aligned with the energy of the cosmos or universe. To awaken a connection to this energy is to align with our true nature. Level three healing opens up emotional, mental and spiritual blockages that stem from current and/or past lives. Level Three Healing is the deepest form of healing experience we offer.

Our healing center consists of three beautiful, spacious and comfortable healing rooms, private Ki-Gong studio and a walking path. Our Energy Walking Path is comprised of rocks, stones and seeds renowned for their healing powers. As you walk on the path our therapeutic system allows you to send invigorating and nourishing energy through the reflex areas of your feet; areas that correspond to the whole body.